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Live life pain-free with a personalized approach to your physical health.

At Core Kinetics we work with patients in the Hamilton area to assess health needs, set realistic goals, and build a plan to achieve them. We treat not just the physical symptoms of illness or injury such as pain, inflammation or diminished range of motion, but also the underlying causes.

Effective treatment

Our wide range of health care services include:

These treatments have been proven effective:

  • Prior to injury as a preventative measure
  • When used in isolation as a sole treatment option
  • In combination with one another to produce maximum results
  • To supplement other treatment options like surgery

Why choose Core Kinetics?

Our industry leading team of healthcare professionals are committed to providing you with the highest level of care at all times.

  • Registered Therapists – All of our therapists are highly qualified in their fields, and some have undergone specialized education and training including FCAMPT, so you can rest assured that you’re receiving the best care from practitioners who have the highest possible training and designation.
  • Practitioners Network – We work closely with all your health care practitioners.
  • Personalized treatment options – Our comprehensive treatment options are designed to meet your goals and accommodate your needs, whatever your level of athleticism or ability.
  • We take a holistic approach. – We believe in a whole-body approach to your healthcare.
  • We’re flexible – We’ll work around your schedule. Pain, illness, or injury shouldn’t slow you down, and neither should inconvenient appointment times!
  • You’re covered – We work within your budget and insurance coverage to ensure that you get the treatment that you need. You may already be covered for physiotherapy under insurance provided by your employer, or through your parent’s, or spouse’s plan.
  • Comfortable clinic – You’ll notice Core Kinetics feels more like a health and fitness center than a rehabilitation center. We believe that fostering a relaxed, comfortable, and engaging atmosphere helps you work harder and recover faster.

We are your wellness partner

As your wellness partners we’re determined to provide you with the highest standard of care at all times. We treat all patients, and have extensive experience with:

  • CrossfitAthletes: Whether you are a rookie or a veteran our preventive therapy will help prevent injuries so you can spend more time on the field. Already injured? We will help you get you back to the sport you love as quickly as possible.
  • Active 55+ adults: You’re approaching your golden years, staying active, healthy and independent will let you enjoy them.
  • Children: Preventing and quickly healing injuries is even more crucial for young people who are still developing.
  • New moms: We specialize in pre and postnatal physiotherapy so that you and your baby remain as healthy as possible.

At Core Kinetics we specialize in:

  • Rehabilitation – Physiotherapy and acupuncture are all proven techniques for increasing the speed of recovery from injury.
  • Relief of Myofascial pain – Myofascial pain is notoriously hard to diagnose. It doesn’t appear on CT Scans, MRIs or X-rays, and doesn’t cause inflammation or other signs of tissue damage. Anyone who has suffered from myofascial pain knows how debilitating it can be. Using IDN (also known as dry needling), Core Kinetics provides crucial relief to patients suffering from myofascial pain.
  • Mobility – Physiotherapy can strengthen your core and stabilizer muscles, and increase flexibility and range of motion.
  • Preventative care – Preventing injury relies on increasing your core strength, flexibility and reducing muscle tension. Why wait until you are injured to start therapy? The best way to stay healthy is to prevent injuries before they occur.

Don’t wait. Call us today to book your initial assessment for physiotherapy, acupuncture or dry needling and start the road to better health.

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CAMPTAll of our physiotherapists are fully licensed, and some hold FCAMPT (Fellows of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy) accreditation, the highest level of qualification available to Physiotherapists in Canada.